Baking has always been a life-long passion for me. As a full time working mom, I have always found time to be creative in the kitchen, much to the delight of my family and friends. My husband and kids have always enjoyed coming home to the comforting aromas of something delicious baking in the oven.

Although I do not have professional training, working for many years around terrific food writers has inspired me to constantly test new recipes and take my passion for baking to the next level, by opening my own cookie and cake shop called Biscotti & Dolci.

By the way, biscotti means “biscuits” in Italian, and here they are known as dunking cookies, twice-baked and usually enjoyed with a glass of milk or cup of coffee. Dolci is the Italian word for sweet dishes. I hope that these fun and delicious eats will be as popular in your home as they are in mine!

Don’t forget, you can always order by phone or email. For now, cash is the only method of payment accepted. Also, since every cake and cookie is baked fresh, please allow at least 48-72 hours for preparation.